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Thermal oil heater FAQ's

  • What if tube explosion and bulge situation happen in the operation of thermal fluid heater?
    (Question details) Specific performance:Tube explosion and bulge of thermal fluid heater.Answer: Cause of failure:(1) Over temperature.(2) Over heating.(3) HotLearn more>>
  • What if the electric current of circulating pump thermal fluid heater is lower than normal value?
    (Question details) Specific performance:The electric current of circulating pump is lower than normal value.Answer: Cause of failure:The efficiency and flow ofLearn more>>
  • There is hammer sound, vibration and unstable pressure during the operation of thermal fluid heater.
    (Question details) Specific performance:There is hammer sound in the oil inlet pipe, and the pointer of the inlet and outlet pressure gauge fluctuates.Answers:Learn more>>
  • What is the reason that the temperature difference between the inlet oil and the outlet oil in therm
    (Question details) Specific performance:The temperature difference between the inlet oil and the outlet oil temperature of the boiler exceeds the given value.AnLearn more>>
  • What if liquid level gauge alarms for low liquid level of expansion?
    Specific performance:Low level alarm of expansion tank.Answer:Cause of failure:The pipeline system (including heater) has not been replenished in time after oilLearn more>>
  • What if fire grates of the thermal fluid heater are stuck?
    (Question details) Specific performance:The fire grate of the heat conducting furnace is stuck.Answer:Cause of failure: (1)The grate plates are loose after the gLearn more>>
  • What is difference between thermal oil heaters and steam boilers?
    1. They are all a heat conversion device. The heat transfer medium they use is different. The water used in the steam boiler is heated to become steam. The heatLearn more>>
  • What function do thermal fluid heaters have in kinds of industry?
    Chemical industry: polymerization, condensation, distillation, rectification, concentration, evaporation, and melting.Petrochemical: synthesis, reaction, distilLearn more>>
  • When should I replace the heat medium oil for thermal fluid heater system?
    The life of the heat medium oil for thermal fluid heater is related to the operating temperature, and the life is shorter when the operating temperature is highLearn more>>
  • How to choose heat fluid boilers?
    For the selection of heat fluid boilers, first step is to determine several parameters: thermal power in the process, the oil temperature, and the use of wasteLearn more>>
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