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Coal fired boiler FAQ's

  • Why is the chain grate stuck and stopped during the operation of coal-fired boilers?
    Question details (Performance) :1. The grate stops running totally or intermittently.2. The current of grate motor rises abnormally.3. The safety clutch of tLearn more>>
  • Why are the furnace tubes damaged in operation of coal-fired boilers?
    (Question details) Specific performance:The wall thickness of several boiler tubes was significantly reduced in a large area, the remaining wall thickness was 2Learn more>>
  • What is the reason for the failure of the coal economizer pipe of the coal-fired boiler?
    Question details (Performance):1. The furnace wall at the coal economizer leaks water and steam with abnormal sound.2. The water level in the boiler drops sharLearn more>>
  • What causes the fan bearing to vibrate during boiler operation?
    Question details (Performance):1. High temperature of motor, fast temperature rise.2. Overload, high outlet pressure and frequent safety valve open often.3. TheLearn more>>
  • Why are there percussive sounds and vibrations in the boiler drum or pipe of a coal-fired boiler? (w
    Question details (Performance):The steam pipe vibrates violently and has a dull impact sound.Answer:  fault reason: There is air in pipeline  ; automatic aiLearn more>>
  • Why don’t the pumps of coal-fired boilers absorb water?
    Question details (Performance):Water pumps do not absorb water.The hands of the pressure gauge and the vacuum gauge beat violently.Answer: Fault reason:The wateLearn more>>
  • What causes the serious coal leakages of fire grate of coal-fired boilers?
    1. The fire grate is damaged and needs to be replaced.2. There are excessive gaps of fire grate, which need to be adjusted. 3. The proportion of coal powder isLearn more>>
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