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CFB Boiler FAQ's

  • Breakdown of Coal Feeding System during Operation of Circulating Fluidized Bed.
    (Question Details) Specific Performance:Broken coal is one of the most common failures of the coal feeder. The coal feeder is the lifeline of the boiler. Its noLearn more>>
  • What should we do when a CFB boiler encounters a cyclone separator breakdown?
    (Details on the problem) Specific Performance:J valve inlet static pressure fluctuations led to J valve back feed discontinuous, and bed pressure, bed temperatuLearn more>>
  • Why is the water wall tube damaged when the circulating fluidized bed boiler operates?
    (Question Details) Specific Performance:(1) There are blasting sounds in the furnace, and the furnace chamber is under positive pressure. There is smoke emittedLearn more>>
  • Why the slag discharge tube of circulating fluidized bed boiler will be blocked?
    (Details on the problem) Specific Performance:Slagging pipe blocks during operation of circulating fluidized bed boiler. Answer:cause of failure:(1) The internaLearn more>>
  • How to solve the problem of coking in circulating fluidized bed boiler operation?
    (Question Details) Specific Performance:(1) The bed temperature has risen sharply.(2) The oxygen level drops even to zero.(3) The current of the primary blowerLearn more>>
  • How to solve the phenomenon of superheater explosion in circulating fluidized bed boiler operation?
    (Question Details) Specific Performance:The pipe of superheater bursts in circulating fluidized bed boiler operation.The bed pressure indicator fluctuates littlLearn more>>
  • What are the phenomena of coking on the circulating fluidized bed boilers?
    1. The bed temperature rises sharply.2. Oxygen levels go down and sometimes drop to zero.3. The electric current of primary air fan is less and wind pressure ofLearn more>>
  • What are the main components of circulating fluidized bed boiler?
    1. Primary air fan: after being heated by the air pre-heater, primary air enters into the wind chamber, then into the furnace through wind caps through the airLearn more>>
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