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  • How to deal with the coking in the combustion of biomass-fired boiler?
    Question details (performance):Coking. Answer: (1) During combustion, the temperature of fuel layer is higher than the softening temperature of ash, which isLearn more>>
  • What if combustion of biomass fuel boiler is not sufficient?
    Question details (Specific performance):Biomass environmental protection and energy saving fuel made of straw and livestock etc., their combustion is not fullLearn more>>
  • What if biomass-fired boiler furnace wall cracks, deformation, coking, and tilt, loose bricks, tube
    Question details (Performance) :Furnace wall cracks, deformation, coking, and tilt, loose bricks, partial loss, furnace tube wall was totally stuck and rock woLearn more>>
  • What about the high failure rate of fuel delivery system of biomass-fired boiler?
    Question details (Performance):There is no feeding machine between hopper and # 0A/B belt, which causes unstable feeding and feeding amount cannot be controlledLearn more>>
  • Why does the biomass-fired boiler smoke in operation?
    Question details (performance):Black smoke happens during operating. Answer: Fault reason:(1) Insufficient air volume, improper air distribution, low furnaceLearn more>>
  • What conditions are required for the full combustion of biomass-fired boiler fuel on the chain grate
    1. Rational air distribution, supply sufficient and rational air by region; 2. Appropriate furnace temperature;3. Suitable air turbulence and mixing in furnaceLearn more>>
  • What is a biomass boiler?
    A biomass boiler is a boiler designed to burn solid fuels classed as biomass. Such boilers can be supplied to burn every form of biomass from woodchips, wood peLearn more>>
  • What maintenance does a biomass boiler require?
    We would recommend your biomass boiler has at least an annual maintenance service. Like anything if you maintain your boiler correctly it will last longer and pLearn more>>
  • Do biomass-fired boilers produce any smoke or other emissions?
    A well designed and operated biomass boiler burning fuel within the specification of the boiler should not produce any smoke, but black smoke may be produced ifLearn more>>
  • How do steam boilers work with biomass?
    Biomass steam boilers recover the heat generated during the biomass combustion process to heat the water in the boiler exchanger circuit. The hot water is thenLearn more>>
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